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1 Hour Loans

1 Hour Loans Instant Approval

Sometimes there are situations when cash is needed fast—as in immediately. Maybe it is a co-pay due on the spot for an emergency doctor’s appointment. Perhaps it is the cost of an emergency car repair. Maybe a bill is about to head to collections. What if there is no money in the bank to cover these sudden expenses? At times like these, one hour loans can save the day.

What Are 1 Hour Loans and Do They Exist?

Many people ask about one hour payday loans, but in fact these are simple payday loans which a borrower can get fast, but never within 1 hour. Sometimes the name is used loosely to refer to any same day payday loan or cash advance. Other times, is used to refer to loans which do include approval decision only within one hour, and the deposit of the cash on the same or the next business day.

Facts about Payday Loans

Fast payday loans are small. They start out as low as $50 and run as high as $1,000. Loan terms are short. A borrower may be expected to repay the cash loan by his or her next payday. In some cases, up to 30 days may be given for full payment.

Because one hour loans are payday loans, they have high fees and interest. For every $100 a consumer takes out, a fee of approximately $15 is typical. This is equivalent to a 400% APR. Credit ratings are irrelevant in most cases.

Only take out a payday loan if it can be paid back in time. Otherwise, it will roll over, and fees will start piling up.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Payday Loans
Pros of Payday Loans: Cons of Payday Loans:
Bad credit is okay High fees
Instant loan decision in 1 hour or less Limited to small amounts
Direct deposit available Short term to repay
Fast and easy application Loans that roll over cost more
No traditional credit check Lenders may request extra papers

A Practical Example:

Imagine a consumer with an empty bank account abruptly comes down with an infection and must visit urgent care. A co-pay is due at the time of the appointment. Without treatment, the infection could get worse.

The consumer applies for a payday loan online, and gets an instant decision from direct lenders. He is able to pay for the appointment and receive treatment. This allows him to return to work. After his next paycheck, he pays back the loan.

He only needed to borrow $100 to cover the appointment. This means he pays $15 in fees.

How to Qualify for Payday Loans

Borrowers must be age 18 or up, have a checking account, and be able to furnish proof of income. Perfect credit is not needed, so people with bad credit are welcome to apply for 1 hour payday loans as well.

When urgent cash loans might be useful?

  • After being towed to an auto shop for emergency car repairs.
  • When an emergency doctor’s appointment is needed.
  • When a bill is about to go to collections.
  • When excessive late fees or overdraft fees may hit.
  • Upon needing to relocate in a hurry.
  • If a consumer is losing a service he or she requires to survive.

Do not use payday loans when:

  • Another loan or line of credit would be less expensive.
  • The same bill is due every month, and you do not make enough money to afford it.
Payday loans are for one-time emergencies. They are not suitable as a replacement for a stable income.

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Responsible Borrowing & Legal Implications to Consider

We remind you that SDL365 promotes a policy of Responsible Borrowing and Responsible Use of Loans. Note that loans are an expensive financial solution, and approval is not guaranteed. Everyone who gets a loan should read over the terms and conditions before signing and submitting the contract. This contract will include the specific date when you must pay the loan back. If you don’t pay back your loan on time, the lender has every right to charge you late fees until you have covered the full amount of debt. Failing to repay the loan in full, may result in legal actions.

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