10 Best High-Paying Low-Stress Jobs

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10 Best High Paying Low Stress Jobs
There are some impressive statistics regarding people, their jobs, and how much they like the work that they do.

The statistics show that 80% of people do not like their jobs.

Stressy Statistics

Their feelings range from slight irritation to 33% disclosing outright hatred for their work. There was a study done by the US Human Resource Management Association which showed that almost 80% of all employees, including those in executive type positions, were looking for opportunities elsewhere.

What was the primary factor that caused such a result? Stress.

Over 50% of employees cited high levels of stress about their work.

Job Stress Ranges

There are jobs out there that are stress-free, almost, and allow personal creativity and job satisfaction. That doesn’t mean you lie in a hammock on a white-sand beach in the Caribbean drinking daiquiris and watching the sunrise and the sunset each day. Mind you, if you can find somebody to pay you to do that, then it could be the perfect job – for some.

The US Department of Labor compiled a list of jobs and in their Occupational Information Network (ONET), they graded each job with a stress tolerance figure that ranges from 0 – 100 and in which the lower the number, the less the stress.

10 Stress-Free Jobs

These 10 jobs all pay more than $60,000 per annum. Nearly every job with low-stress levels and high pay require some tertiary qualifications. That means that you will need a college Degree, a Masters, or a Ph.D.

1. Cultural Studies Teacher

Stress level: 65

Average Salary: $72,000

The Job: Teaching Cultural and development courses. These could be about a particular ethnic group, studies of a specific region such as SE Asia, and urban development.

Education: A doctoral degree with post-doctoral training.

2. Document Manager

Stress level: 65

Average Salary: $88,500

The Job: Control and security of an organisation’s documents. Improving accessibility to policies and procedures, forms and company training materials. Be able to search sources online for relevant information.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree

3. Online Merchant

Stress level: 65

Average Salary: $70,000

The Job: An online merchant does many things, such as manage the inventory of the store, purchasing, managing the accounts, product promotion and sales, and marketing.

4. Computer Programmer, Software Engineer, Web Developer

Stress Level: 61

Average Salary: $102,000

The Job: It’s the complexity of their work that makes a computer programmer enjoy such a high salary. The work sometimes means working all night or over a weekend to complete a project, but there is some serious free time once the project is done. Bill Gates once said: “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”

Education: Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in IT, Programming.

5. Consultant / Expert Speaker

Stress Level: 64

Average Salary: $125,000 and free travel

The Job: A consultant can be hired by a company to oversee operation and then to suggest money-saving improvements or other efficiencies that will improve the way the business operates. In the case of being a speaker, your travel expenses are all paid as well as you being paid your appearance fee. Famous speakers get paid $100,000 per presentation. Motivational or expert speakers earn a lot less, but they make themselves available more often. There’s not a lot of stress if you are not afraid of public speaking.

Education: Either a passion for what you do, making you an expert, or anything from a Bachelor to a Ph.D.

6. Vehicle, equipment, and systems inspector

Stress Level: 65

Average Salary: $72,000

The Job: Carrying out vehicle inspections to ensure they comply with government safety standards and usually pollution control regulations. The position was originally a government position, but the work has been outsourced to independent operators.

Education: High School Diploma

7. Game Play Tester

Stress Level: 58

Average Salary: $75,000+

The Job: There’s not much better a job than this if you are a serious online gamer. You will be testing by playing new video games. Attention to detail and experienced game-playing skills are required as well as understanding methods used to test games.

Education: High School, but no formal qualifications necessary to test the games. A Bachelor qualification may be required to enable the individual to summarise and evaluate the game.

8. International Travel Consultant

Stress Level: 61

Average Salary: $55,000 but annual travel worth another $40,000

The Job: Helping others experience the joy that only travel can bring. The position is flexible enough to be done remotely, meaning from home. Experience with corporate travel and international reservations would be a requirement.

Education: Bachelor/ Diploma of Hospitality

9. Beer Editor

Stress Level: 48

Average Salary: $60,000 plus some beer tasting assignments that will ease stress to the max.?

The Job: While writing about beer may only be a part-time aspect of your journalism job, if you enjoy beer and have some good basic knowledge about brewing techniques, as a remote job this could be what you are looking for. Write error-free, stick to deadlines, write about beer.

Education: A Bachelor of Journalism / Creative writing

10. Entertainment News Writer

Stress Level: 66

Average Salary: $70,000 but the ability to blog on a website as well could mean $5,000’s more

The Job: If you have a passion for music, film, TV, celebrities and the pop culture, you can get paid for that love by submitting some creative writing to a newspaper or websites, and the job can be done remotely.

Education: Bachelor of Journalism / Communications and 2 years’ experience blogging or editing

The best job in the world, but not necessarily the one that pays best, is to be able to work on your hobby or your passion and get paid for it. That’s not working at all. The structure of jobs and the educational requirements are continuing to change as technology gets better. Changed attitudes by organisations as well to allow working remotely will help alter the concept of ‘work.’

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