15 Exciting And Affordable Vacations You Can Take in 2020

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Are there affordable vacations still available?

Does your mind drift to remote beaches of white sand, swaying palms and turquoise waters?

Or are you the adventurous type that might like an exhilarating safari through the jungles of Borneo or Africa?

If you are on a budget, it doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself to a local domestic trip or a resort jam-packed with tourists.

Suggestions of 2020 Surprisingly Affordable Vacations

  • Hong Kong, China
    Hong-Kong photoWe have listed this as being in China, and while that’s strictly true, Hong Kong is as un-Chinese as you are likely to find. There’s a lot to do and see in this bustling city that was British until about 20 years ago. If it’s sailboats in Victoria Harbor that capture your imagination, don’t get too caught up in cost as you can search for flights between L.A. and HK that are reasonably cheap. Cheaper than flying across the US.You have temples to visit, street food to sample, and the number of shops and restaurants will amaze you, as will the times they stay open till. Ocean Park, Disneyland, and Peak Tram are musts while in Hong Kong. Check out hotel prices now as accommodation is the most expensive part of your holiday.
  • Seattle
    Seattle photoFlying around the country is very affordable if you can survive with just a carry-on bag. Flights to Seattle go through Chicago’s O’Hare, Fort Worth in Dallas and St. Paul, Minnesota. Check out prices for Seattle hotels and make a visit to Puget Sound for the parks, seafood and the wonders of nature that many Americans don’t get around to appreciate.
  • Sri Lanka
    Sri Lanka photoIt’s funny how people will book a trip to India or Thailand but not think about Sri Lanka. This is a cheaper alternative. Sri Lanka has been slowly growing, and it still has cheap air routes and the living costs, while you are sightseeing, are very affordable.Check out flights to Sri Lanka from the East Coast, and hotels will set you back around $13 – $15 a night for 3-star. Like most Asian countries, food is both delicious and cheap to eat. The Sri Lankan cuisine is made up of chop chop, lampreys, and hoppers, and will set you back about $3 a meal!
  • Berlin, Germany

    Even though Berlin isn’t considered one of the most affordable places to go on vacation, there are a lot of things to do that are quite cheap or even free.

    When choosing between different art galleries with free entry in Berlin, it’s an excellent choice to visit the Urban Nation and East Side gallery full of famous street artists across the globe. Consider visiting different famous museums and memorials. And of course, don’t forget to walk through the Brandenburg Gate and visit the Berlin Victory Column – climb the 285 steps and look out at the unbelievable views.

    In case if you’re looking for a cheap place to feed the hunger, you’re welcome to choose between various and super affordable restaurants with local and foreign cuisine, such as Via Nova, a small Italian restaurant.

  • London, UK
    London photoUnited Kingdom at the moment, and that usually is a good thing for tourists because attractions are made cheaper to bring more visitors into the country. Brexit has caused an economic downturn, and a couple of terror attacks have made tourists a bit nervous about visiting. Conversely, expanding air routes have made London a lot easier and cheaper to visit. There is an airfare, admittedly just one way, from Boston to London for $99!
  • Tomelloso
    Tomelloso-photoA small municipality of the Ciudad Real province in Spain is well known for its exquisite wines. That’s why most travelers make their way straight to a famous winery called Vinicola de Tomelloso. Any visitor can take a look and even try the best red and sparkling wines of Tomelloso produced under method Brut Nature.

    Tomelloso is full of different museums that attract tourists thanks to their original look and unusual art objects. One of the most famous museums is the Antonio Lopez Torres Museum, that possesses more than one hundred paintings and drawings. It’s embraced by a unique building and designed to impress visitors even before their first entry.

    Nightlife fans aren’t forgotten as well – they are always welcome to visit local bars, restaurants, and clubs for the lowest price. The natives adore American tourists, so they’re always happy to make a special discount as it’s essential for them to let their guests carelessly enjoy having a good time.

  • Turks and Caicos
    Turks-and-Caicos photoA couple of devastating hurricanes last year didn’t do a lot for tourism in the Caribbean, so there are some super deals to attract tourists in 2020. Hotel prices are lower to make for an affordable holiday.
  • Nieu Bethesda, South Africa

    The small village of Eastern Cape was founded 130 years ago when the driving force of the economy was agriculture. Now the Nieu Bethesda industry is based on art. There are a lot of various galleries and craft shops, sculpture gardens, and potteries. The most famous museum of art is Helen Martin’s “Owl House”, decorated with glass and containing more than 300 statues including owls, camels, pyramids, peacocks, and people.

    Nieu Bethesda is a real nature lover’s paradise. Each visitor can see a large variety of succulents and animals, such as sacred ibises, secretary birds, lizards, snakes, reedbuck, wild cats, aardvarks, and eagles. Don’t forget that the place is famous for its Angora goats and Karoo lamb.

    You’ll always have a lot of things to in Nieu Bethesda, no matter where your interest lies – climbing, bird-watching, horse-riding, mountain-biking or star-gazing.

  • Botswana
    Botswana photoA very famous royal couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, made a safari camp in Botswana famous after holidaying there. But royalty aside, if you are looking for an affordable safari, Botswana is the country.
    You can explore the Okavango Delta on a 10-day trip, and that includes a local guide, some meals, and a look-see at a rhino sanctuary called Chobe National Park.
  • Veria, Greece
    Greece photo

    The old city in Northern Greece is an ideal choice for real foreign culture amateurs. Veria is a destination which is connected easily with every transportation network of Greece, so every traveler is able to discover rich ancient Greek history at any time of year.

    The city possesses a significant amount of Byzantine ancient buildings. The most significant Byzantine monument is the Anastasis Church (Church of the Resurrection) that exists since 1315. There are also some recognizable museums, such as the Archaeological Museum of Veria, the Byzantine Museum, and the Folklore Museum of Veria, a museum of modern Greek history.

    Also, each summer, from August 15 to September 15, the “Imathiotika” festivities take place with a cultural program descending mainly from Veria’s tradition. These festivals are the best way to get acquainted with Veria’s local citizens’ customs and traditions.

  • Argentina
    Argentina photoIt was always a little expensive traveling to Argentina, but there has been a big change recently. The government did away with VAT (value-added-tax) on all hotel stays for international guests. If that doesn’t attract tourists…that’s a 21% reduction on accommodation meaning a stay in the usually expensive Buenos Aires and Mendoza wine region is in your favor. Add to that the friendly currency exchange and Argentina can be wiped from the bucket list at a very affordable price.
  • Basque Country, Spain
    Admire beautiful beaches in SpainVisiting Basque Country, a community that straddles the border between Spain and France, can become an unforgettable adventure. All the tourists have an opportunity to go on different food & wine tours that are very popular as among newly arrived people, as between residents.

    One of the most sought-after options to spend time in Basque Country is visiting various national museums such as the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao or Euskotren Basque Railway Museum in Azpeitia, that rank among the world’s best museums.

    Of course, it’s important to mention mountains and beaches that look like Photoshopped fakery because of their beauty.

    All these activities don’t require to pay too much for them. The price of the local hotels ranges depending on their quality of accommodation and service, but actually, they are not as expensive as they could be.

    Already interested? Then, check out the Telegraph top of the best hotels in the Basque Country, including luxury, boutique, and budget hotels.

  • Hawaii
    Hawaii photoSwaying coconut palms, white sand beaches and crystal clear water awaits you in Hawaii, and so do cheaper airfares because Southwest airlines announced their intention to fly there and create a bit of competition. Keep your eye on airfares heading to Hawaii while waiting for Southwest to formalize the schedules.
  • Rwanda
    Rwanda Bisate Lodge photoYou wouldn’t have placed Rwanda very high on your bucket list, but it has moved on from the genocide of 1994 to become a welcoming country in which most people speak English. Women make up the majority of elected government, the buses all have free Wi-Fi, and plastic bags were banned 10 years ago. We could learn a lot from Rwanda.Most people visit there to see the mountain gorillas, which is a conservation success story. One of the best reasons to visit the country is that you can see all its highlights in a week. Rwanda is a little nation bringing big smiles to the face of Africa.
  • Andaman Islands
    Andaman photoThe sea is a dreamy shade of turquoise. Pure white sands fringe rainforest that is home to a vibrant profusion of wildlife. It all sounds suitably idyllic to be the Seychelles or Mauritius, but India’s remote Andaman archipelago ticks even more boxes of blissed-out delight. If you are looking for the ultimate getaway, and beaches and water are your things, then you can stop looking. Regardless of where you have this numbered, it should figure very high on your bucket list.
  • Valletta, Malta
    Valetta photoMalta’s 16th-century citadel capital, the Unesco World Heritage city of Valletta, is one of the European Capitals of Culture 2020, with hundreds of events – art of all kinds, theatre, dance, opera and music, fireworks, food, and fun – in Valletta and across the country. With the celebrations that are planned here for 2020, for the whole year, it doesn’t matter when you get there, as long as it’s this year!
  • St Helena
    St Helena Island photoUntil four months ago, few had heard of St Helena. One of the world’s most-remote islands – more than 3,218 miles (5,000km) west of Africa – this British Overseas Territory was accessible only via the Royal Mail ship St Helena. However, the October 2017 launch of a weekly flight from Johannesburg has slashed travel time from five days to just four hours. That’s as good a reason as you will want to visit this unusual island.
  • Liverpool
    Liverpool Anfield photoLiverpool was the European Capital of Culture in 2008, and it showed a regeneration that had taken years to shrug off some its less complimentary tags. This all culminates in 2020. The city has launched an “18 for 2020” campaign with some great exhibitions and world-leading events scheduled. From the arrival of the Terracotta Warriors at its World Museum to the introduction of a “fire festival” in March and April and the return of the Tall Ships Festival in May, Liverpool has a busy year ahead.

Air routes are expanding, there are tour deals to look at, the exchange rate seems favorable, and you have a bucket list that needs attention. You need to know where to look. Here are a few places you might like to think about for an affordable holiday. Plan quickly and shrewdly and get in before everyone else.

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