What do People in Debt Have in Common?

What Do People in Debt Have in Common?

If you are neck-deep in debt, you may ask yourself a lot of questions each day: “How did I find myself in this situation? Are my peers struggling as much as I am? What is the average household debt in 2018? Why am I in debt when my friends and co-workers seem to be doing so much better?”

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Why Choose a Major with a Low-Paying Job Prospects

Pros and Cons of Choosing a Low-Paying Major

With U.S. students owing $1.56 trillion in student debt, salary prospects have become increasingly important when deciding on a major. For many schools, the cost of attending, not to mention the interest that accrues on student loans, could total in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Starting a Business as a Mom

{Motivational} Moms That Started Successful Businesses Out Of Their Lifestyle

Being a mom is one of the most stringent responsibilities out there. The situation gets more difficult when you are a single parent. This is because you primarily work 24/7 without a paycheck.

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