Best Personalized Easter Gifts For Your Special Pet

By Raven Stewart / Posted: Mar 6, 2018 / 0 Comments / Posted in Infographics

If your dog, cat, rabbit, horse, guinea pig, rat or gerbil missed out at previous holidays, and your cat was more like a sourpuss because of that error, then make sure you don’t do the same thing at Easter. To inspire you and your friends, we have put together a comprehensive list of the best personalized Easter gifts for pets you can find.

And no, we are not suggesting chocolate Easter eggs. They are not good for your dog. And if your cat wants some of your chocolate stash, just puss…er…push it away, because caffeine and cats don’t mix.

The season doesn’t matter because frankly, your pet has no idea about whether it’s Christmas, its birthday, or that the Easter bunny has hopped past. Your pet just knows that if their owner is happy, then they are happy. Happiness is contagious between pets and owners.

Customizable Easter Gifts For Pets
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For Your Lovely Cat

  • Cat hair gets everywhere, but if you are a cat lover, you really don’t care. Just don’t get that furball mixed up with a chocolate mix! This is the purrfect blanket for your feline friend. ($25.00)
  • Unless you take tabby for a walk, then nobody other than your closest friends will see the trouble you went to for matching scarves with your cat. But if bonding means earing the same accessory, then this is for you.($17.00)
  • Your cat is continuously disappearing inside paper bags and plastic shopping bags. Kill the habit, cure the cat with this CatCave. Install a small TV and cable so that your best friend can watch “Puss in Boots.” ($51.00)
  • Your cat wanders the neighbourhood? Then order this personalised collar, and when you order make sure you supply the cat’s name and your phone number. All that info is added to the collar. ($12.95)
  • The cat has destroyed the 4 legs of the antique sofa. Isn’t it time it had its own scratcher? Supply the name of your cat for personalisation. They say cats can’t read, but don’t believe anything you hear about cats! ($38.00)

For Your Loyal Dog

  • This is for you, the owner. A picture of your dog and an impression of its footprint. You love your dog, right? ($19.50)
  • Raised feeder table for your dog will make it feel like it’s eating at your table, which it usually does. Set the bowl inside the space for comfy eating. When ordering give your dog’s name so that it can be engraved into the table. Stained a ready to go. ($31.00)
  • You buy so many toys for your pooch that you spend an hour every day collecting them, finding them, and putting them…where? Here, in this basket with an embroidered liner on which is your dog’s name, there is no longer any confusion. We challenge you to train the dog to put them in here after playing! ($14.99)
  • Sure, your dog can’t read, but with all its treats in this personalized jar, it’s going to get pretty excited every time you reach for it. Watch it woof them down! ($39.99)
  • Your dog’s personal Frisbee. This is a great gift for you and the dog, as you both have to go outside and get some exercise. Upload pics of your dog and provide the dog’s name when you order. The cover is machine washable. ($24.99)

For Your Peaceful Bunny Rabbit

  • This is a handmade toy for your rabbit. This activity blanket will help keep them from boredom as they learn to nibble, toss, or simply lie down on. ($19.75)
  • A hand crocheted crown for your rabbit. Well, they are the boss, so might as well make it official…your Cuteness! ($9.72)
  • This pet tag is not just for dogs, but for all pets, including your rabbit. You already have a collar for it don’t you? Well, just add the tag. Friends will start calling your rabbit by name, instead of “Hey, Bunny.” ($15.14)
  • You don’t want your pet rabbit getting cold. If you like going out to dinner with your rabbit, dress it accordingly in this knitted blue sweater with a carrot design on the back. ($36.44)
  • Your pet rabbit deserves the most comfortable nap pad in existence, and here it is. It has three carrots featured in the design. Machine washable and air dry. Bunny will never leave the hutch! ($23.00)
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