Credit Risk Why You Should Understand it

Credit Risk – Why Should You Understand It Before It’s too Late

There’s a science behind assessment of the credit risk by the lenders. Ever since money was invented, the buying power of a person and that person’s financial capability and standing have been rated through a complex credit risk assessment and management process.

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How to Handle Debt While Unemployed

The current unemployment rate in the USA is about 4.5%. That seems a low figure, but it equates to 6.59 million workers that are out of a job. Being without a job for any length of time not only undermines your confidence, but also your finances, especially if you have to also pay debt while unemployed.

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How to Eliminate Phantom Debt

That call asking for repayment on debt that isn’t yours can be overwhelming. This debt might not belong to you, but telling that to the collector who is either misinformed or a scammer won’t likely cut you a break.

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