Change Your Life in 5 Minute Challenge: Day 1 – Set Goals

By Michelle Flores / Posted: Jul 23, 2018 / 0 Comments / Posted in Life Challenges

Sdl365 Challenge - Day 1
Most people are blind to the fact that what you think, becomes reality.

Our lives are shaped by what we think. Positive thoughts manifest positive action.

Negative thoughts can become reality.

How can you change the way you think when that way of thinking has got you through life to this point?

Do you want to take control of your life and change for the better?

Day 1 Challenge: Set Your Life Goals Immediately

Detailed Instructions


  • 1. Set Your Goals
  • 2. Start Achieving

Just change your thinking. Start slow and work on your mind a few minutes each day. Whatever you do, just continue to move forward.

What Will Change

You will know where you are heading to. Your life will change for the better once you understand the law of attraction. Positive changes will occur in your life. Embrace them. Live them. Positives attract more of those feelings and thoughts in your life.

Seek Inspiration

It’s not really about the competition. Your biggest challenge in a race is yourself. You’re often racing against time. You’re frequently running everything through your mind. You’re always competing against preconceived ideas. It’s not really the person next to you that you worry about.Summer Sanders – Pro Athlete
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