Change Your Life in 5 Minute Challenge: Day 10 – Buy a Gift

By Michelle Flores / Posted: Aug 10, 2018 / 0 Comments / Posted in Life Challenges

5 Minutes To Change Your LIFE in 14 Days - Day 10

Not everybody likes shopping, but we have to when we need groceries or new clothes and shoes.

Then there is Christmas shopping and buying gifts for birthdays.

But what about the sacrifice you make when you go to the trouble to buy somebody a gift just for the sake of seeing them smile?

No special occasion. No celebration.

Just a personal gift because you want to.

Day 10 Challenge: Buy A Gift

Detailed Instructions

Make a plan to visit the mall and some specialty shops. Make an effort and select a thoughtful gift. You know the saying: It’s the thought that counts!

  • Have a budget.
  • Have an idea of what you will be looking for.
  • Once you select your gift make sure that you have it appropriately packaged. Also, for a very personal touch, an inscription or engraving might be suitable.

What Will Change

There is no doubt that the act of giving has a whole list of positives that go with it. In this case, because it’s not a gift exchange, you will feel even better about yourself.

In principle, people view getting a gift as something that happens without the other person expecting something in return.

Seek Inspiration

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”Pablo Picasso
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