Change Your Life in 5 Minute Challenge: Day 5 – Chat Positively

By Michelle Flores / Posted: Jul 31, 2018 / 0 Comments / Posted in Life Challenges

5 Minutes To Change Your LIFE in 14 Days - Day 5

You are living in a world immersed in negativity.

To be more successful, you need to make changes.

Start the changes from yourself, and then analyze the relations you have with the closest persons to you.

It seems your friends offer little support and they are cynical about your goals and desires.

You will achieve your goals a lot quicker if you spend more time with positive people.

Day 5 Challenge: Call the most positive person you know for a 5-minute chat.

Detailed Instructions

  • 1. Talk to positive people
  • 2. Make it a habit

Make it a habit of restricting your group of friends to people who have a positive outlook on life.

Just try these tips:

  • Stop associating with negative people. If you keep associating with them, all you get is more negativity.
  • Minimise the impact of people you have to live with. It may not be possible to stop meeting everyone in your life – you may have a very negative boss or a negative life partner for instance. Find ways to minimize the impact of these people.
  • Choose your friends carefully. Look for positive people who have some of the characteristics that you want to acquire.
  • Read books, listen to tapes and watch videos of successful people. You can turn your car into heaven of positive thinking as you drive around by listening to tapes from positive thinkers.

What Will Change

You will start associating with positive people who are going to help you with your personal development and success. Your thoughts and decisions are influenced by the people with whom you associate. The decisions you make today are determining the future you have created in your mind.

If you mix with mainly negative people or people who pour cold water on your ideas for changing and improving your life, your motivation and drive to make those changes will suffer.

Seek Inspiration

You can’t fly with the eagles, if you continue to scratch with the turkeys.Zig Ziglar
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