Cheapest Places to Travel: Sensational Destinations For $50 a Day or Less

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Sensational Destinations To Visit on a Budget
We all dream of taking that ultimate round the world trip or unforgettable honeymoon, of pinning photos to our Pinterest page and of planning for the journey of a lifetime. But most of us are held back by one important thing: the cost.

Luckily, some of the most incredible destinations in the world are also the most affordable.

We’ve put together a list of the cheapest places to travel around the world, where you can get by on less than $50 per day and still have the time of your life.

Why don’t we dream a little bit? 😉


Probably the most popular budget destination in the world, Thailand is loved by backpackers for a good reason. There are endless opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, and diving along its miles of beautiful beaches, extraordinary encounters with elephants and tigers, and lush jungle to explore.

SDL365 2019 Selection of Cheapest Places to Travel  - Thailand

Budget rooms cost between $5 and $10 per night, and meals are only $2-$3. Drinks can be expensive, so stick to beer and avoid the overpriced resorts on famous tourist islands, and you can easily travel for less than $30 per day.


If you’ve seen and done all the famous sites and are looking for something new, give Bulgaria a try. Its urban centers are wonders of architecture and history, rivaled only by the natural marvels of the Balkan mountains and Black Sea coast.

SDL365 2019 Selection of Cheapest Places to Travel  - Bulgaria

The country is one of the cheapest places to travel right now because it’s often overlooked as a destination. Hostels are only $10-$15 per night, but the real bargain is the $2 beers. In summer Bulgaria’s cities are packed with jazz festivals and open-air cinema, most of them free.


Bali has long been famous as a paradise for budget travelers, but with 17,000 islands to explore, Indonesia has so much more to offer.

Activities are very affordable, so you can go hiking in the mountains, see orangutans and dive coral reefs without breaking the budget.

SDL365 2019 Selection of Cheapest Places to Travel  - Indonesia

Private rooms start from less than $10, and meals are $2 for local food or $5 if you splash out on western cuisine. Lazing on the stunning beaches is entirely free, so make sure to bring your sunscreen!


If you’re looking for quaint towns with winding streets, undiscovered beaches, and Mediterranean sunshine, Greece is the classic choice. There are endless opportunities to party on the cheap, but also awe-inspiring ancient monuments and incredible food.

SDL365 2019 Selection of Cheapest Places to Travel  - Greece

Private rooms are around $20, but hostel beds can be found for less than $10, and food is $5-$15 depending on whether you’re grabbing street food or having a sit-down meal. Avoid the pricey tourist islands and visit outside of peak season to get the most for your money.


With the world’s highest capital city, highest navigable lake and some of its tallest mountains, be prepared for dizzying heights when you visit Bolivia. Explore tropical lowlands and searing desert, visit indigenous tribes and marvel at the gorgeous colonial architecture.

SDL365 2019 Selection of Cheapest Places to Travel - Bolivia

Dorm beds in Bolivia are around $8 per night, while doubles with private bathrooms start at $20, so if you’re traveling as a couple, it’s just as cheap to share. Eating out in Bolivia is costs around $3-$5 for a full meal, and beer is usually $2-$3. Tours and activities are affordable, and churches and museums are often free.


The cheapest place to travel in western Europe, Portugal is a hidden gem, offering lush vineyards, delicious seafood and diverse history and culture without the eye-watering prices found in the rest of the continent.

SDL365 2019 Selection of Cheapest Places to Travel  - Portugal

It’s a little more expensive than most places on this list, with hostel beds starting at $15 and private rooms at least $40, but the food is cheap and plentiful and beers usually no more than $2. Stay away from the capital and budget carefully, and you can easily manage on less than $50 per day.


Morocco is the very definition of exoticism, a destination of fragrant spices and colorful markets, soaring mountain ranges, and breathtaking deserts. Hunt down trinkets in the medinas, or experience Morocco’s modern cosmopolitan side in its cafes and art galleries.

SDL365 2019 Selection of Cheapest Places to Travel  - Morocco

Save money by staying in a traditional courtyard house, where beds in a dorm are only $5, and private rooms start at $20. A meal in an inexpensive restaurant can be had for less than $5, and although beer can be pricey, delicious Moroccan mint tea is less than $1.

Costa Rica

Central America is already cheap, but you can stretch your budget even further in Costa Rica. Luxuries like volcano hikes and soaking in the hot springs are very affordable, and there’s plenty of incredible wildlife to admire in its rain forests and national parks.

SDL365 2019 Selection of Cheapest Places to Travel  - Costa Rica

Budget hotels are only $10 per night, and hostel beds less than $5, meals are around $3, and drinks will cost you less than a dollar. Buses are frequent and easy to use so that you can explore the entire country even on a tight budget.


From bustling cities to historical monuments and white sand beaches, India has so much to offer the budget traveler. Not only that, the country is home to one of the greatest architectural wonders in the world, the Taj Mahal.

SDL365 2019 Selection of Cheapest Places to Travel  - India

Hostel beds can be had for less than $10 per night even in big cities, and in more rural areas that will get you a private room. Full sit-down meals cost no more than $1-$2, provided you’re happy to eat delicious Indian curries, rice, and naan.

You might never be able to afford luxury resorts, but that’s no reason to give up on your travel dreams. Pick one of these fantastic cheap places to travel, grab your passport, and get out there and see the world!

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