When an Emergency Loan May Save Your Day?

By Raven Stewart / Posted: Jan 6, 2018 / 0 Comments / Posted in Payday Loans

financial pressure and emergency loansLife can throw some curly situations your way and sometimes it can only be fixed with cash.

Life just isn’t so simple anymore.

  • The car yard said that the vehicle was reliable. It seems even items you could rely on can give you an unpleasant surprise. An emergency loan will help fix an unexpected expense.
  • Rent payment due? No cash available. It’s been a bad week. Time for an emergency to help get over a small speed hump in life.
  • Your partner has fallen and broken a leg. Hospital? You need an emergency loan, and really quick.

Emergency loans are there to help you with these unexpected and unpleasant surprises. It doesn’t seem to matter how well you plan for the future, stuff happens.

What will happen if whatever funds that are available, savings, and extra cash in the biscuit tin are not enough to cover the costs? An emergency loan could be just the smart solution.

Home Repairs

There’s no place like home except when the roof or the toilet is leaking, pipes need repairing, heating systems are broken down, and none of this was anticipated, nor planned for financially.

Vehicle Repairs

Maybe the car hasn’t broken down…yet, but unless you replace the spark plugs, brake pads, or the catalytic converter, and get the oil changed, something really bad is going to happen. Costs are parts and labor.

Medical and Health Bills

The bills have arrived for the hospital visit, the prescription medication, the treatment received and whatever procedures may have been done after that unexpected injury.

Will your Health Insurance cover all these costs? Do you even have affordable health insurance? You may be left with a crazy balance that you cannot afford.

Any Other Expenses?

You have to go out of town – travel. Maybe a family member has fallen, perhaps a death in the family, or the best friend is getting married. It’s not around the corner. It’s in another city, another state.

Lost anything lately? Your laptop? Your cell phone? Has something been stolen that means a lot to you? Do you have the money to replace any of these items? Do you have any idea where you might be able to get some money quickly?

Personalizing your Loan

You can personalize your emergency loan to suit your needs. We work with flexible lenders who are experienced in many different problem scenarios. We are eager to help you.

You can opt for a 24 month, 36 month and a 48 month plan of repayments if you opt for an installment loan. Some lenders will go to 60 months, which of course will give you the lowest payments to make, but overall, it will be the biggest payback amount. If you need an urgent payday loan, you have only 30 days for repayment.

Some Things to Remember

  • A known monthly amount you have to repay.
  • The interest rate is lower for installment and higher for payday loans. There are variations depending on credit ratings and your employment history.
  • The funds, when available, are deposited into your bank account. You can have them within 24 hours if the application runs smoothly.
  • If you go online and check your rates, it will NOT affect your credit score. Only a loan application will do that.

There are a lot worse things in life than owing money. Don’t let the lack of cash stress you out unnecessarily. An emergency loan may help you to look after some immediate problems and therefore help you to plan better in the future.

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