Famous Money Podcasts You Should Have In Your Playlist

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Useful Money Podcasts You Should Listen to In 2019Podcasts have been popular nowadays because they provide an efficient and entertaining method of soaking up advice from top voices in all niches.

Whether you are a potential investor, middle manager or an entrepreneur, podcasts allow you to acquire new information while still carrying out your daily activities.

What Is A Podcast?

A podcast is an audio program which you can listen to through your cell phone or iPhone. You can also listen to podcasts on your laptop or desktop computers. Most podcasts take between 20 minutes to one hour with an average of 30-40 minutes. Their perfect length makes them a great form of media which you can listen to while driving, waiting to travel, commuting or even during a workout.

Nowadays, iPhones come with an already build in podcast app while the Android phones use the stitcher apps making it easy to listen to the podcast. Once you open the app, you can search for the specific podcast you want the play. Discussed below are some of the best money investing podcasts arranged in no particular order. Although they cover different investment segments, they are all useful tools for better financial management. Check them out:

Planet Money

Planet Money (@planetmoney) is a popular economic/personal finance podcast. It is aired twice per week and episode runs for 15-30 minutes. Although Planet Money does not go into details as many people would wish for, it provides excellent answers to all money issues. It does not primarily focus on investing and creating wealth but also helps you to understand the world better.

Stacking Benjamin’s

Unlike the Planet Money, Stacking Benjamin’s (@SBenjaminsCast) does not focus more on generic economics but more on personal finance. In 2017, it was named the best money and business podcast that has provided financial advice for more than 15 years. The show is incredibly entertaining and informative as it covers all wealth building topics such as creating multiple income dreams, managing investment portfolios and also looking for passive income. The show spans for 15-20 minutes then answer the listener’s questions at the end.

Listen, Money Matters

Listen, Money Matters (@MoneyMattersMan) was founded by an ex-investment banker Andrew Fiebert. He started the show when he realized that the internet was not providing enough information about personal finance. The podcast focuses on budget management, investment, and other wealth building topics and paying off debts.
The show airs weekly for about 50 minutes it also features exciting topics on the tactics that a potential investor can use to manage both private and public funds for a better living.

So Money

So Money Podcast is hosted by Farnoosh Torabi (@FARNOOSH), a TV host, one of the best-selling authors and an award-winning financial strategist. It provides detailed insights into how people can manage their money to minimize debts and create wealth in general. During the weekends, the show answers the listeners’ questions about money, career and much more. It runs for 35 minutes.

Masters in Business

Just as the name suggests, the Masters in Business is broadly based on business matters although it has a slight tilt towards personal investment and finance. The host (@ritholtz), however, interviews a wide range of successful investors with diverse backgrounds. This diversity broadens the knowledge of the listeners while at the same time polishing their financial tactics. The show is aired weekly.

Bigger Pockets Podcast

Bigger Pockets Podcast (@BiggerPockets) is the best podcast for you if your interest is in the real estate industry. The podcast discusses the best ways of planning for real estates, factors to consider, and how you can be successful in the real estate industry. The show is aired by Brandon Turner and Josh Dorkin who make the program both entertaining and informative to listen to. However, if you are not interested in real estate investing, they have a pocket money broadcast as well.

The Dave Ramsey Show

No personal finance and investment list would be complete without the Dave Ramsey podcast (@RamseyShow). It is an exciting audio show that educates the listeners on how they can get out of debts. Many people are currently living in debts, and therefore the show has managed to attract many listeners who would like to know the best methods of minimizing the liabilities.

There are dozens of podcasts that you can listen to fill your playlist. Whether you intend to launch a new business, master investing, clear debts, or even learn how to manage your money better, there is a podcast that fits your needs. So don’t miss out, empower yourself by creating a playlist of the same.

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