{Motivational} Hobbies Turned Into Businesses By Young Entrepreneurs

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Starting a Business Based on a Hobby
Today’s kidpreneurs venture beyond the lemonade stands. They meet celebrities, manage their companies and staff, and even come up with innovative ideas. Their example proves that anyone can turn their hobbies into a successful business, especially when nurtured and given the necessary support.

After all, Richard Branson started a magazine at the age of 16, and Warren Buffet was a chewing gums hawker at only six years.

As a parent or guardian, the best thing you can do to your talented kid is to try and teach them how to manage their money from an early age by trying different role plays or board games, and to always support their ideas.

No one knows what tomorrow will bring! What if your kid will become the next world top businessperson?

These five entrepreneurs are currently doing highly recognized jobs which they started when they were kids. Keep reading to learn more about their current ventures and what made them turn their hobbies to businesses.

1. Garrett Gee – His Passion for Travelling

Entrepreneur Garett Gee Turned His Passion into Business
Garrett Gee (@garettgee) is a travel journalist and entrepreneur. He is also the Bucket list family creator and owner, a popular blog where he shares his adventures to more than 360,000 of his followers.

He started his business empire years ago when he was still young. He says that he was a poor student in the class and so he struggled with tests and homework. When he finally got the chance to join Brigham Young University, things were tough for him because the college did not allow students to design their degrees.

For that reason, he decided to join the courses which interested him. After all, he says that he was in college to gain knowledge and not a degree. His hobby was socializing and spending time with friends. It was this hobby that motivated him to co-find the scan app together with his college mates, in 2014; Scan was afterwards acquired by Snap Chat at the cost of $54 million.

At the age of 26, Garrett is now the owner of the famous Bucket list family.

2. Fraser Doherty – Conquering The Fruit Jam Making Industry

Fraser Doherty Turned His Hobby into a Business
Fraser Doherty (@fraserdoherty) started his business at the tender age of only 14 years. He now is known as the creator of the Super Jam brand and co-founder of Beer52.
He used to prepare jams for his grandmother for many days. This helped him improve his jam preparation skills. At the age of sixteen, Fraser decided to introduce his fruit jam to the Super Jam brank. They liked his work, and that’s how he ended up being the youngest jam supplier to a big supermarket.

Super Jam has been growing each day and has sold millions of jam bars around the world. He also runs multiple charitable projects to the elderly and less fortunate. Fraser is currently the co-founder of Beer52, one of the biggest craft beer clubs in the world and one of the fastest-growing startup companies in Scotland. It has more than 200,000 customers, and shipps 50,000+ cases of beer monthly.

He has also been commended by the country’s prime minister, and by HRH Prince Charles, and was recently awarded a medal (MBE) “for services to business” by The Queen.

He has also shared his motivational story of success and financial freedom to more than 27 states in 500 different conferences.

3. Mikaila Ulmer – Lemonade Preparing

Mikaila Ulmer Turned Her Hobby into a Business
Mikaila Ulmer (@mikailasbees) at her 13 years has more than 500 stores in the US. She is the founder of Me&The Bees Lemonade Company. She attends conferences, and she has also been a boss to her businesses. She sells more than 360,000 of lemonade bottles per year and this has made her be among the youngest entrepreneurs in the United States.

She started the business at only four years old when she jokingly prepared a lemonade juice, placed it on a table and then started selling it to her parents and grandparents. When she received approval from the family that the lemonade ingredients were okay, she began to sell it to a broader market. The recipe was made up of honey, and bees would occasionally bite her, and that’s where the lemonade brand name came from.

Mikaila business has publicized her and opened many opportunities for her to address many public meetings and conferences. She has won numerous recognition awards for the best young entrepreneurs.

4. Anthony Volodkin – Music Collecting

Anthony Volodkin Turned His Hobby into a Business
Anthony Volodkin (@fascinated) is a 23-years old successful entrepreneur and founder of Hype Machine – a music blog aggregator.

It all started back in 2005 when he was a sophomore at the Hinter College, a computer science student. He began working at the age of 12 after his parents emigrated from Moscow. Since he was a part-time student and a partial term employee, he found that he consumed much energy and therefore thought of a new venture which wouldn’t be so much engaging.

He found a passion for music and decided to utilize his weekends to watch live bands performances. At the same time, he researched on blogs to learn more about hype music.

He had a strong passion for what he liked, and that made him join music classes to know more about what musician need. He recorded his songs and even started his music website which currently has more than 1500 blogs. Additionally, he began a hype machine which has been embraced well.

5. Bella Weems – Jewelry Manufacturing

Bella Weems Turned Her Hobby into a Business
Bella Weems (@Bella_Weems) founder of the Origami Owl jewelry company operating in the USA, Puerto Rico and Canada. Her business started as a little stand in shops, grown into a giant social selling company with a revenue of $250 million.
Bella managed to turn her hobby for handcrafting locking necklaces and bracelets into a successful business. She started the business at 14, dreaming of a car. Bellas’ parents told her they wouldn’t buy her one, and the only way to accomplish the wish is to earn it.

Over time, the jewelry startup managed by a teenager had transformed into a multi-million direct-sales store.

In the present, the Origami Owl team consists of hundreds of employees and thousands of independent jewelry designers over the world.

The Origami Owls’ leading product is the Living Locket. It allows customers to create their jewelry by mixing and matching the charms, chains, and lockets themselves. The lockets are transparent and showcase miniature metal charms that represent the wearer’s personality and interests. The company also sells bracelets, watches, earrings, and other accessories.

Give it up for young businessmen!

From the above motivation stories, it’s evident that there is no specific age for you to start. You don’t have to be old so that you can turn your hobbies to test. Try to approach it step by step!

People should also learn never to underrate or underestimate the efforts of the young starters because the most successful people started from the ground. Parents should also be ready to offer both physical and emotional support to their kids, even if they don’t perform well in schools.

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