How to Live a Happier and Responsible Life

By Raven Stewart / Posted: Dec 15, 2017 / 0 Comments / Posted in Life Challenges

victim mentalityThere’s a really funny thing to consider when talking about living a responsible and happy life. Did you know that if more people did that, there would be no need for jails full of prisoners, there would be fewer suicides and the burgeoning psychologist industry would stop growing?

Take responsibility of your life because nobody else will

The thing that most people either don’t understand or won’t accept is that you are responsible for your happiness and you are responsible for every action you take and every feeling you have.

It’s pointless blaming others for your misfortune or for ‘making’ you feel miserable.

Theodore Roosevelt put it bluntly:

“If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month.”

That about sums it up perfectly.

If your response is that you cannot control things that happen to you all the time, that’s true. What you can control is how you deal with those situations and how you choose to feel about them. Anger, dismay, sadness, grief, frustration, fright, crazy, ashamed and lonely are all reactions that you control. Personal responsibility is taking conscious control of your responses to the events and circumstances of your life. Pretty simple really.

How often do you read about a defense lawyer standing before a judge giving a whole list of reasons as to why his client acted that way? Sure, it’s the lawyer’s job to defend the criminal but it has become the way of the world to find reasons for people acting in such a way that sometimes beggars belief.

The response is always the same from the judicial system: Take some responsibility for your life.

How do you actually live in such a way that happiness is in every step you take and you know you are living responsibly? First step – Wake up happy. Come on! The day hasn’t even started and you’re in a mood of sorts? This idea may sound trite but in truth, if you wake up happy every day it becomes a habit, a good habit.

Your Attitude

If you display a more buoyant attitude in the workplace or within your social circles, people want to be with you. Happiness is darn infectious. So is misery. Being happy with your kids has some real benefits as well. It teaches your children to adopt happy habits.


Self-esteem comes from positive reinforcement. Either self-administered or from others, saying nice things about a person does wonders for their feelings of self-worth. Believe it or not, when you compliment someone on their dress, their work or their ability, it does you as much good as it does for them. You’re spreading a contagious disease. Keep it up!

Overcome Bad Times

Life isn’t always a bunch of roses and we have moments of grief, pain, love, sadness and anxiety, but if you have been responsible and been a happy person, then these emotions can be more easily and quickly overcome. Stop blaming other people when things go wrong and learn to adopt a positive attitude to whatever confronts you and your life of happiness is guaranteed.

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