Meet our Spring 2019 Finalist SDL365 Achiever: Sabrina Masters!

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Sabrina Masters - Spring 2019 Finalist SDL365 Achiever

Finalists’ Profile

Name: Sabrina Masters

Institution: Moody Bible Institute

Major: Women’s Ministry

Graduation Year: 2023

Congratulations to Sabrina, one of our finalists in the Spring 2019 SDL365 Achievers Scholarship! She submitted an essay that showed us how good-hearted and self-aware she is. Read her eye-opening story about how a little and shy idea of selling cinnamon rolls for charity grew into something bigger. We are delighted to offer her a $100 Second Prize in our contest. Congrats, Sabrina! You motivated us for some good dids as well!

Meaningful Decisions That Impacted My Personal Development

When I was thirteen, my desire to help the hurting led me to start a fundraising organization called Goodies 4 Good. When I first started this organization, my goal was to make an impact and help others around the world. Little did I know that I would be just as impacted and influenced by the organization and the work that has gone into each and every project.

Goodies 4 Good has helped me develop into who I am today, it has given me direction for my future, and it has given me the drive and hard work I have needed to finish out high school well.

Twice each year, I recruit a volunteer team of friends and family to make hundreds of cinnamon rolls from scratch using my grandma’s recipe. These cinnamon rolls are sold to members of my church, local businesses, and schools and the proceeds of the cinnamon roll sales are donated to various organizations which meet both physical and spiritual needs of people around the world.

My grandma has always been famous for her delicious cinnamon rolls, so I have been very grateful for her wisdom and guidance through this big project. Over the last four years, we have made over 11,000 cinnamon rolls and raised over $18,500 for many different projects in numerous countries around the globe.

Many of the projects have centered around clean water and have provided water filters or water wells in many deprived areas of the world, including Ethiopia, China, Honduras, and Mexico.

Other projects have benefited a community center, and a hospital in Honduras helped to build a house for a widow in Mexico, and provided guitars for teenagers to learn to lead worship in their churches in Albania.

These projects hold a close place in my heart because people around the world are having their physical and spiritual needs met, and through these projects, lives are being changed!

Developing this organization has taught me the value of hard work and the impact that hard work can have on those around me. This experience has given me the motivation to work hard not just in Goodies 4 Good, but also in my education.

I was fortunate enough to be homeschooled from first grade through twelfth grade. This has not only provided me with a solid education, but it has put hands and feet to the things I have learned and has allowed me the opportunities to apply what I have learned to my life creatively.

Homeschooling also allowed me the flexibility to pursue my passions and to help others through starting Goodies 4 Good. The work ethic that I developed through making cinnamon rolls was also exercised when I pursued dual credit classes, completing thirty-seven hours of college credit during my high school career.

Not only did founding Goodies 4 Good develop skills that influenced my educational development, but it also affected my personal growth as well. My heart and passion for serving others is what initially led me to start Goodies 4 Good and that love has only grown. I have seen the benefit of a little hard work and a lot of flour, sugar, and cinnamon.

I have seen lives changed by being given access to clean water. This has only increased my desire to serve others with my life and ultimately has led me to pursue a major of Women’s Ministry. This fall, I will attend Moody Bible Institute and am excited to learn how to serve others better in the hands-on ministry experience Moody has to offer.

Through founding Goodies 4 Good, I have matured and grown exponentially, which has impacted my whole high school career as well as my direction for the future. Goodies 4 Good has taught me the importance of looking outward to the needs of those around me and of using my gifts to serve them.

I am incredibly grateful for the experiences and growth I have had through this fundraising opportunity and the lives that have been changed as a result. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if the thirteen-year-old me would have questioned or doubted the decision to step off out of my comfort zone and start selling cinnamon rolls.

I think I would be a very different person and would be headed in a different direction with my life if I would have played it safe. Sometimes, we should be bold and seek opportunities to serve those around us with the skills and abilities we each have; the impact just might be more significant than we can imagine!

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