Meet our Summer 2018 SDL Achiever : Jose Silva!

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Jose Silva Photo

Name: Jose Silva

School: Culinary Institute Lenôtre

Subdivision: Associates Degree

Major: Culinary Arts

Graduation Year: 2018

Congratulations to Jose Silva (a.k.a. taquero_chef), the winner of our Summer SDL365 Achievers Scholarship 2018! We loved his essay describing how he will open an Restaurant in Panama, and are happy to offer him $500 to help pay for college tuition. Congrats, Jose! We applause your plans of becoming wealthy!

My Long-Term Project of Becoming Wealthy

My long-term project on becoming wealthy has been brewing for years now, beginning with my career in the marines. I am currently studying to become a chef, which will also serve to help me become wealthy. My main goal in life is to open a restaurant and cultivate my produce through permaculture. I learned a lot about discipline and hard work while in the marines and that, together with my culinary experience, will ensure my future success.

As a veteran, I understand that it takes a tremendous amount of work, dedication, and responsibility to be any success. I saw this every day in training and day to day life as a marine. I learned a lot about how to work as a unit and how to work independently. My long-term project on becoming wealthy began immediately following high school when I joined the Marines. Had it not been for this experience, I would not be where I am at this point in my life. I would not be enrolled in culinary school working towards my dreams.

To achieve my goals of becoming wealthy, I fully intend to work methodically towards becoming a head chef for a fine dining establishment. I am more than willing to work hard in lower positions until my stock as an employee, as a cook, is acknowledged. I know that I will advance relatively quickly because I have industry skills gained through my education and because I am a diligent worker. This experience as a head chef would be greatly valued as it would serve as a stepping stone towards my primary goal of opening my own restaurant.

I intend to open an inspired and accessible restaurant in Panama. To do this, I will need to live frugally here in the United States until I have saved enough money up to fund my restaurant goal. I understand that sacrifice goes hand in hand with creating wealth. I also understand that most wealth is not built overnight. Like I mentioned before, hard work is what leads to success, to wealth. I plan to put in a substantial amount of work towards realizing my goals.

My restaurant in Panama will cater to the locals, visitors, and ex-pats in the surrounding area. To have a successful restaurant and to achieve my goal of becoming wealthy, I will serve unique menu items. I will serve American food, Mexican food and other types of food with a twist. I will also ensure that quality is consistent so that patrons always get what they remembered from prior visits.

Furthermore, I will employ customer-oriented staff who will do what needs to be done to satisfy patrons. All of this combined will result in the general success of the restaurant. Depending on how successful it is, I may open another restaurant in the surrounding the area to cater to more patrons.

Another thing that will help me with having a successful restaurant is having fresh, organic produce. To get the freshest, most delicious produce, I intend to begin a permaculture garden. Permaculture has fascinated me for a long while. I would love nothing more than to create a thriving food forest that can be utilized to feed my restaurant patrons and also the community in general. This is it of itself would make me feel wealthy – it is that important to me.

After I have achieved my goal of opening a restaurant and running it successfully, I intend to place some of my funds into stocks. I will also always work with a financial planner to see how I could better manage my money. I also hope to be able to give back to my community in the form of scholarships and other types of assistance. I would also like to be able to create permaculture gardens throughout my community for others to be able to get fresh produce at no cost.

Hard work is something that will always generate success. I fully understand this concept and will work as hard as possible to realize my goals. My long-term plan of becoming wealthy started in the marines and will end in Panama. I hope to be able to look back on my life and feel content that I did everything in my power to become successful. I hope to be able to look back and feel joy in having been able to help others become successful as well. Ultimately, this would make me very happy.

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