{Motivational} Moms That Started Successful Businesses Out Of Their Lifestyle

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Starting a Business as a Mom
Being a mom is one of the most stringent responsibilities out there.

The situation gets more difficult when you are a single parent. This is because you primarily work 24/7 without a paycheck.

The parenting journey is exhausting, messy and can sometimes turn out depressing if you lack adequate financial and emotional support. Just imagine how many single moms are in need of money to afford buying the basics for their families.

However, with positive and innovative thinking, parenting is not the end but the beginning of a prosperous future.

While all mothers are superheroes, these five moms took the hassle to the next level. In between shuffling kids and chasing toddlers on their day to day basis, they struggled to start their businesses and become wildly successful within no time.

Read on to know more about them, and also discover some inspiring stories of how they managed to add the “entrepreneur” title to their resumes by transforming their hobbies into businesses!

1. Kelly Brown, Photographer

Kelly Brown The Little Pieces Founder
Kelly Brown (@kabrown77) is an award-winning Newborn photographer and mom. Her photography business known as the Little Pieces is a family portrait studio situated in Brisbane, Queensland. Her main aim is to capture the best moments for newborns and small babies through photos.

Through her hard work, Kelly Brown has managed to win more than ten recognition awards with the recent ones being WPPI Bill Hunter Award of excellence 2018, WPPI Grope portrait of the year 2018 and WPPI Newborn Photographer of the year 2018.

The Path to Excellence

Kelly Brown started her journey back in 2004 when she gave birth to her first child. Life was a bit tough for both her and her husband, and securing employment was hard by then.

Her husband later motivated her to enroll in a photography course when he noticed that she liked taking pictures for her little kid. She embraced the idea and after a while, the little pieces of photography have started.

Going International

Although she is based in Brisbane, Australia, her career has been successful, and her work is therefore not limited to geographical boundaries.

She takes pictures of babies all over the world and also uses the opportunity to share her story with all mothers, especially the singles that have lost hope in life.

She has several commercial places where she professionally photographs the babies. Apart from the photographing work, she also tutors other interested people on how to set up their photo studios within a week, how to dress kids comfortably and the safety measures to observe when taking pictures with children.

What do we learn from her story?
From her story, all people and especially young mothers should learn that nothing is hard. Her story motivates mothers to follow their passion and what they like most. Just as Kelly turned her passion for taking pictures to a profession, you can also do it with persistence and hard work.

2. Pam Barnhill, Homeschooling Mom

Pam Barnhill Homeschooling Mom and Writer
Pam Barnhill (@hspambarnhill) is an enthusiastic, energetic and determined mom who advises other mothers to become better at their homeschooling activities. She owns three homeschooling podcasts reaching more than a million downloads. Pam has currently written three homeschooling books. Her achievements can be evidenced by the local website pambarnhill.com which receives a whopping 120,000 views or more per month.

Pam is a mother of three children and lives with her husband in Alabama. When not spending time with her young family, Pam spends time with other moms who have a passion for homeschooling. She has a big heart for connecting the homeschool moms to multiple practical solutions which can make a significant difference in their home school.

When Your Background Can Become Your Advantage

Her practical advice and motivation is to break enormous tasks into small and manageable assignments while still making it real for her popular events.

Pam is a yearbook professional and a former high school journalism tutor. She has not only taught in her local schools but also presented well organized multi-day workshops at big events’ such as the Columbia scholastic press concept in New York.

Writing at its Finest

Apart from her homeschooling motivational talks, Pam Barnhill is an author. She has currently written three homeschooling books including the famous ones:

  • “Plan Your Year”: planning homeschooling with peace.
  • ”A Month of Morning Time Ready-Made Plans” – an implementation guide for your homeschooling morning time.
  • ”Better Together: Strengthen Your Family, Simplify Your Homeschool, and Savor the Subjects That Matter Most”.

Professionalism in Everything that She Does

You can expect the following things while working with Pam. You’ll get from every speaking event of hers: prompt email replies, a dynamic and professional presentation, a newsletter and social media promotion and much more.

What do we learn from her story?
Her story teaches us about the importance of empowering other women. This is because she has a passion for homeschooling and that’s why she tries her best to show that other moms get a meal of it. It also explains to moms that they can preserve their relationships without sacrificing the quality of education.

3. Rosemarie Groner, Budgeter

Rosemarie Groner The Busy Budgeter Photo
Rosemarie Groner (@BusyBudgeter) teaches people on how to organize and manage their budgets, homes and their lives irrespective of their current situation. Through her blogs and posts, she also educates people on the importance of saving, and how they can look for new ways of saving.

After nine years of working as a state trooper and also being married to a state trooper for a long time, the mother of two found that the life she was living with her husband was not what they wanted. With dozens of tasks running – from washing dishes to doing laundry, Rosemarie decided to terminate her work as a state trooper.

When the Idea of the Giant Live Overhaul was Born

She slowly started to implement her “giant life overhaul” which took almost five years to do so. The business later positioned her as a family management inspiration for same-sex and traditional households throughout the country.

Rosemarie managed to reduce her spending by more than $23,000 per year through the entire overhaul process. She got a baby and gained enough time to organize her house in the way she had always wanted it to look like.

Expand the Limits

She could get an extra $50,000 per year as compared to what she was getting paid as a state troop, and this enabled her to work well and plan for her savings in a better way.

Although they initially used to have constant fights with her husband concerning money management, Rosemarie admits that the matches ended when they started the home business.

What can we learn from her story?
Families should learn the importance of setting priorities. Drop what doesn’t benefit you and only focus on what works for you both emotionally and financially. Reduce unnecessary spending, create a budget for your spending and also look for other ways of increasing your income. To break the poverty cycle, Rosemarie recommends people to start making a single improvement at a time, and be ready to embrace changes.

4. Michelle Welsh, The SafetyTat Founder

Michelle Welsh the SafetyTat Founder Photo
Michelle Welsh is a mom of three kids and the founder of the award-winning SafetyTat (@SafetyTat).

SafetyTat, which was started in 2009, is currently a thriving business used by parents in a surprising and resourceful way.

SafetyTat is customized for children with severe diabetes, autism, celiac disease, and allergies.

The Practical Part of Tattoos

Michelle also draws temporary child ID tattoos and labels (durable ID stickers). According to her, the temporary tattoos show the voice of the parents when they are not around. Also, most children would not like to keep on repeating and exchanging their conditions to everyone they meet.

The SafetyTat, therefore, does the communication on their behalf.

She started this idea after she wrote her phone number on her hand while walking in the park. It looked amazing, and she thought it was an awesome idea which she could develop it into a better project.

Overcoming the Challenges Was Worth the Effort

Her journey to the top was however not easy. She met financial, ordering and marketing difficulties which almost cut off of her dream but kept on persisting since she did not want to give up on it.

Her growth mindset helped her to keep moving forward, as she also learned from her mistakes. Today, SafetyTat has gone not only international but also received several awards and recognition.

What do we learn from her story?
She recommends mums to switch off their careers whenever they no longer feel comfortable with them. She also advises women to not sacrifice their families for work, but to learn how to multitask between the two effectively. From her story, women can learn that nothing is impossible in this world. Every journey has its difficulties, but there is always a way out.

5. Holly Homer, Blogger

Holly Homer Blogger Photo
Holly Homer (@QuirkyMomma) is a blogger who deals with all different types of activities for kids. By means of her Kids Activities Blog she shares ideas of kids’art, crafts, and other entertaining things to do with kids.
Holly is the author of several books. She is also a mother of three adventurous boys.

She believes that people should not always spend their hard-earned money on fun activities, but instead use their kitchen junk drawers which have an enormous amount of possibilities.

When Writing is Fun

Apart from being a blogger, Holly is an author who writes explicitly about the best and funniest activities for kids.

Having been a mom of three, she understands the stress and engagements that parents face. That’s why she looks for fun ways that the parents can train and keep their children engaged.

The Best Ideas Are Accidentally Born

She began blogging as an accident nine years ago, and since then she has never looked back. She keeps on researching for new exciting content for her readers during her free time.

She also does live podcasts in the “Quirky Momma” Facebook community since she has an undying passion for kids.

What do we learn from her story?
From her story, mothers can learn the importance of having a good social life with the children no matter how busy they are.

So, What Are You Waiting For?!

Being a successful entrepreneur and a mother at the same time is a feat in itself. It can be demanding, and it might also not bear any fruits in the beginning.

However, it’s important to note that business profits do not hinge on your with every move, but your children’s emotional, and physical well being will always cling on your shoulders. For this reason, put your family first.

Learn how to balance the needs of your children and husband if you are married. After that, look for a good way of restoring your work. If you are comfortable with doing the two at the same, don’t look back. Keep pressing on.

Hopefully, the above-discussed mompreneurs stories will motivate you to keep moving until you get to the top.

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