Top 5 Board Games That Teach Financial Literacy

By Rich Evans / Posted: Apr 10, 2018 / 0 Comments / Posted in Personal Finance

Board Games- Money SkillsThe day to day monotony of managing our money is something of a chore for many of us. We spend our lives juggling income and expenditure while hoping to set aside a bit of money for a rainy day.

But who said that learning about financial responsibility can’t be fun? And who said we need to save for that rainy day? Perhaps on that rainy day, we should get out the board games and get the family around the table for a bit of financial fun.

Here Is Our Top 5 Count-Down Positions

These are the most innovative and enjoyable board games that will teach you a bit about money.

  • 5. Hasbro – The Game of LifeSuitable for 8+ years$30.37.
    This enjoyable board game takes players on the rollercoaster journey that we know as life. The idea is to get to the end with the most money, but pitfalls along the way and general life events are likely to set you back. With a very loose interpretation of fiscal responsibility, this only makes 5 on our list. It is wildly fun and a great family board game none the less.
  • 4. Mayfair Games – Modern ArtSuitable for 14+ years$74.99.
    A lovely take on the world of art investment where players compete against one another to make the best art investments. Taking place over 4 auction rounds players must try and purchase the most lucrative paintings and then sell them on for profit. A highly strategic game that gets to the nitty-gritty of profit margins.

    Because it is a little more complicated and comes with a hefty price tag compared to other games on our list, it didn’t quite make our top 3!

  • 3. Hasbro – AcquireSuitable for 12+ years$21.45.
    Acquire wades in at number 3, a robust and strategic investment game that has players pitted against one another to hold the most company stock. Tiles are added to the board as the game progresses causing businesses to grow and merge, keeping everyone on their toes to make sure they stay abreast of the market.

    Acquire is a wonderful game that teaches all the basics of company stock trading while keeping the experience enjoyable and not too bogged down in the numbers.

  • 2. Hasbro – PaydaySuitable for 8+ years$19.82.
    Payday would be on the top spot in any alternate universe where number one did not exist. However, in this universe, it is always going to be second best. Payday is a board game that sees players trying to stay on top of their financial responsibilities over a calendar month until you guessed it, their next payday.

    From paying routine things as well as the occasional nasty surprise, this game keeps players alert to the financial pressures of living a month on a limited budget. Players decide how many months to play for, and the ultimate goal is to save as much money each month as possible, the player at the end with the most money wins.

  • 1. Hasbro – MonopolySuitable for 8+ years$19.49.
    The king of all economy-based games sees players making their way around a board lined with property investment opportunities. A game where bankrupting your loved ones is welcomed and being as greedy as possible wins you the game. We are not altogether sure Monopoly is an ethical pioneer.

    It is, however, the most enjoyable economic game we have played and comes with so many variations nowadays that you are spoilt for choice. Players make circuits of the board, buying up title deeds, building hotels and avoiding the jail and taxes as they go. We suspect Monopoly has been the cause of many a Christmas falling out. But even when we hate it, we love it! Also, the cheapest game on our list, what more could you possibly want?

So, there you have it, our countdown of the top 5 board games that teach money skills. Do you think we missed any? Perhaps you prefer Payday to Monopoly? Let us know in the comments below!

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