Unique and Affordable Mother’s Day Gifts on a Budget

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Cheap Mothers Day Gifts Ideas
Our mothers are precious; everyone would agree that they deserve the best this Mother’s Day. Mothers are also easy to please because they are filled with love for their children “by default.”

So, you don’t have to strain your bank account or empty your wallet to show your love to your mother. A meaningful gift doesn’t have to cost a lot.

You can send your mother a home-made present, and you will be amazed at how much she will cherish it for years. A phone call will also make a whole lot of difference on this special day.

This Mother’s Day we decided to put together an easy to find and affordable list of gifts that will make Moms happy;

Gift Cards

While giving an actual present is excellent, most people enjoy receiving gift cards since they get to choose what to buy. A Mother’s Day gift card is an excellent idea because it will give her the freedom to buy whatever she pleases from her favorite store.

She might as well decide to treat herself to a self-care session at a Spa, which will make her super relaxed. Now, who wouldn’t want that for their Mom?


Traditionally, a bouquet is known to brighten and send sentiments of love on different occasions, Mother’s Day included. This Mother’s Day, buy flowers from your local florists to brighten Mom’s day.

Alternatively, you will add a personal touch if you hand-pick fresh flowers from local fields or your personal heavenly backyard. Also, you can make dried-to-keep flowers and press them on a print paper or cardboard for Mom to hang in her favorite spot in the house. A sweet Mother’s Day message should accompany the flowers to complete your gift.

Customized Gifts

A gift with a personal touch is always appreciated and special. Giving a personalized gift to your mother makes it indisputably theirs and unique.

Jewelry and Ornaments

Although some types of jewelry are expensive, there are some which are cheap and affordable. If you have time, craft a DIY gift using locally available materials.

For example, you can make a beautiful home-made beaded bracelet with Mom’s name or initials on it. She will also love a necklace with photos on its pendant.

If you do not have the skill to make these, look around for a store that sells low-priced but beautiful jewelry and buy some for her, she will appreciate it.

Kitchen Aquipment

Consider giving your Mom a gift she can use every day, preferably a tea or coffee mug with her name and a lovely message on it. Every time she sips her drink from the cup, she will smile knowing that she is loved.

Wall Hangings

Stick childhood photos of your family on beautiful fabric and give it to your mother to hang in her room or a place she prefers. She will be happy to remember the family’s good-old times.

Pillows and Bags

Make your mother throw pillows or bean bags at home and stitch her name or initials. A tastefully designed jewelry pouch will also excite her.

Cook a Meal for Her

Cook a healthy meal for your mom or try to bake a cake or some homemade cookies decorated with her favorite colors. Do not forget to write her name on it. She will love it!

Books and Magazines

If your mother is a bookworm and is looking for a captivating read, gifting her one on Mother’s Day will certainly make her happy. A new inspiring magazine, a recipe book if she loves to cook, a book about personal finance or a photo book filled with her favorite photos will wow her.

Gift Basket

Ordering a gift basket is ideal. However, with creativity, you can prepare one yourself. You don’t need to spend a lot on that; make the contents and themes fun, and you will see how it brightens Mom’s face on unwrapping it. For a perfect mix, include things like homemade cookies, coffee, tea, homemade jams, chocolates, flowers, recipe books or magazines, and beauty products.

Gardening Pots and Stones

If you plan to help Mom in the garden, be creative and decorate her gardening pots with some artwork and make them look lovely. Painting garden stones with inspiring messages will also raise her spirits.

Showing love and appreciation to the person who has had a significant impact on our lives is something we ought to do. Fortunately, there are many unique ways of expressing how we feel without spending a fortune.

This Mother’s Day, go easy on yourself and make your mother happy with a gift that fits your budget.

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