What Do Women Really Want For Valentine’s Day [Besides Gifts]

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What do Women Really Want for Valentine's Day
It’s no doubt that the Valentine’s Day can stress you out especially if you have no idea on how to impress your woman.

The day comes up with much pressure, and can also leave you financially drained.

Tina B. Tessina (@tinatessina), a Psychotherapist, Author at Dr. Romance Blog and a Chief Romance Officer at California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT) believes that “many couples dislike Valentine’s day due to the pressure associated. Men don’t want to disappoint their women, and also don’t want to suffer a disappointment when the plan doesn’t end in the right way.”

Gifts are expensive and can compromise with your resources, unless you go for a gift on a budget.

Also, many women are impressed by how you touch their heart and not by the expensive chocolate boxes or stemmed red rises you give them.

So, what do women need and what’s the best thing you can do to impress your lady on that special lover’s day?

Take Her To a Nice Dinner Out

A recent survey revealed that 20 percent of women would love a nice dinner out during that particular day. It is not only because most restaurants feature many cheesy decorations on that day, but also because they get a chance to walk with their partners. You can also share a lot with your woman at that time considering that you might always be busy during the other days, with little or no time to spend with her.

Make Her Feel Special and Wanted

Relationships sometimes get tough, and things get stale. You can, however, spice up your relationship by reminding her of how you feel for her, why you love and what she means to you. If you are in a long distant relationship, send her romantic love texts and make calls whenever possible to remind her of what she easy to you.

Focus on Her And Make it All About Her

Valentine Day is meant for lovers, and it, therefore, doesn’t hurt to put on hold the day’s activities and focus on her. How can you do this? Create time for her. Be creative and come up with something that she likes.

The married men or those in a long-term relationship can also take their sweethearts to be vowed “Surprise her with the small things she cherishes. For instance, invite her for a movie night, cook her delicious meal and complete the session with hot cocoa and popcorns. Show her that you have been thinking about her.”, says Robyn Spizman (@RobynSpizman), a Gift Expert and author at RobynSpizman.Com.

Make a Public Declaration of Your Love

All women secretly desire to have a public statement of love, be it a toast at your wedding or even a marriage proposal. You don’t have to break a bank to do this; you can ask our girlfriend/woman to meet your friends then you introduce her to them. It will not only make her feel that you love her, but also that you are proud to have her in your life.

Use Non-Verbal Communication

Romance is not all about verbal communication, but also to the non-verbal gestures. Communicate with actions and body signs; in a manner that shows that you are interested in her and your feeling to her are undying. If someone else ever watches your video when communicating with your lady, they should be able to tell that the two of you are in love even without an explanation.

So, look straight to her eyes put your phone down and sit forward. Also, use an engaged and exciting tone of voice when speaking. You can also use the opportunity to inform her of the things you don’t like about her or what she does that pisses you off. She will take it positively since it is done romantically.

Final Word

It’s the little deliberate gestures which bring excitement back into relationships. Instead of spending lump sum amounts of cash on gifts which might lose value with time, make your woman feel special on that lovers day with the discussed tips.
“Be sure to stuff your valentine envelope with tons of glitter no matter how simple it is,” advices Rob Gunther (@RobGunther), an author and blogger at StrictlyBiographical.Com.

After all, that’s what gets our juices flowing. The simple gestures create memorable events to be forever grateful about 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day!

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