Borrower’s Safety

Borrowers safety
We at SDL365 care about our customers, and that is why each borrower’s safety is among our top priorities. We educate our clients about responsible borrowing, but also inform them on the principles of responsible lending and possible scams on behalf of dishonest lenders.

Besides being very customer oriented, we take care of who we deal with. This includes a database of lenders who have been thoroughly checked before being included in our network.

However, you should always be careful before accepting a loan offer. You can do that by carefully reading the loan agreement provisions and even the fine print.

Another thing that each borrower should consider before taking a loan is the sum and purpose of it. You will find specific examples on our website of cases when you should and shouldn’t take loans.

Since our borrower’s safety is essential to us, we also use the most advanced encryption technology for protecting our customers’ data. We thus make sure that no unauthorized party has access to the information that our clients have provided during the loan application process.

Our services are safe from the second you access our website and up to the moment when you request a loan and get it. Of course, you will need to take your share of responsibility and go through the information that our team has provided.

Knowledge is power, remember?
By reading these articles, you will know exactly what to expect from a loan, how to deal with situations when you don’t like a lender’s behavior or how to avoid defaulting on a loan, by acting in time.

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