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Raven Stewart

CEO at SDL365 Financial Choice LLC

The SDL365 journey has been an exciting and successful one and we will keep on being at the forefront
of developments in the industry. We know it’s a team effort: each person’s input is appreciated and
determines SDL365’s future. Want to work where your participation matters? Become part of our
team and share your unique skills with us.

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Janie O'Brien

Financial Expert, Scholarship Coordinator

One of our pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility is the SDL365 Achievers Scholarship. We launched this program to support talented students in achieving their dreams. Some of our applicants get to even write articles for us, and that is an amazing opportunity for multi-diversity collaboration!

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Product Manager

Our portfolio ranges from helping to secure emergency loans to managing bad credit. We’re also experts in terms of unsecured or guaranteed loans. Our customers appreciate our secure services where their privacy and the security of their data are paramount. Now we’re in search of a product manager who can help us monitor and improve this range of services.

Responsibilities & Duties

Our product managers analyze the current market to identify needs and new product opportunities based on market research.

You’ll connect with various SDL365 departments and play a project management role:

  • Working with the marketing team to advertise new products
  • Creating sales forecasts with the sales department
  • Monitoring the customer support team’s knowledge about all products and services

You’ll engage with vendors to confirm which services are on offer. You’ll be responsible for communicating pricing structures and survey the market for competitors’ activities to ensure SDL365 stays relevant to industry developments. If new products or services are offered, you’ll be responsible for launching them to make our audience aware of new options at their disposal.

As a manager, you’ll be responsible for a product team. For these individuals, you’ll manage their training, mentoring, performance appraisals, and disciplinary actions if required. You may also have to recruit new members of the team in conjunction with the HR department.

To equip you and obtain new insight into the changing industry, you’ll be expected to attend seminars, workshops, training sessions, and industry events.

Required Background—Skills & Competencies

As an SDL365 product manager, you need to excel at working with people. You must be experienced in managing people as well as working with customers.

A degree in marketing and background in the financial sector are preferable.

Required skills and experience include the following:

  • Financial planning
  • People management
  • Motivational skills to keep team members driven
  • Product management
  • Competitive analysis
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Business Analyst

Since 2017 SDL365 has helped countless consumers find loan solutions while making wise long term financial decisions. We have experience in working with multiple vendors and various types of loans. This approach gives each SDL365 client the best chance of finding a solution that works for his or her unique situations. Paired with this is the fact that we only network with reputable lending companies. These characteristics are what gives our clients peace of mind when working with us.

All of this is made possible by the SDL365 experts but also the vast amount of data we effectively analyze. To assist in managing our business intelligence and optimize it according to new development in the tech and financial industries, we’re on the lookout for a new business intelligence manager. He or she will be responsible for ensuring our company’s decisions are based on a correct analysis of data obtained internally from our activities, as well as externally from the industry at large.

Responsibilities & Duties

In your role as BI Manager, you’ll work with various other role players, including project managers and the IT department. You will report to the CEO.

It will be your responsibility to ensure relevant data that can be used for analysis is collected and monitored, so it stays accurate. This includes data drawn from inside and outside the company.

Your department’s work will support various others in their decision-making processes, including but not limited to:

  • The financial director to discuss the company budget
  • The sales department and product manager who require data analysis to make long term forecasts
  • The marketing department to gauge customer interests and plan effective advertising campaigns

Required Background—Skills & Competencies

You’ll have to take the initiative and make crucial decisions. To ensure you understand each scenario, you’re part of a background in the financial sector is vital.

People skills and communication are vital to ensure a smooth flow of information between individuals from your department to others.

The minimum requirements include:

  • Five years or more experience in the sector, in a managerial role
  • Computer and technical background
  • Experience in data capturing processes
  • Skilled in analyzing and disseminating data relevant to the loan industry
  • Practical experience in managing people, because you’ll head up a team
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System Administrator

SDL365 is proud of its reputation of using cutting edge technology to deliver fast, efficient service to clients in search of loan solutions. Our technological infrastructure, combined with our team of experts give clients quick access to valuable information and potential loan vendors.

Ever since our entry into the market, we’ve used the latest in computer technology to put us one step ahead of competitors. To date, SDL365 has helped thousands of consumers find the best loan vendors to meet their individual needs. This is thanks to a careful analysis of data, so clients are connected with the most relevant service providers.

Many customers require fast feedback, and our tech makes it possible. We can process data fast, vet vendors, and supply information faster than many competitors. Of course, security is also a high priority, and thanks to secure networks, servers, and protection software, our clients’ private details will always be safe with us.

We must stay on par with what the tech industry provides by implementing relevant upgrades whenever necessary. To help in this department, we need a system administrator. He or she will be responsible for the maintenance but also improvement of our computer systems.

Responsibilities & Duties

As a system administrator at SDL365, your tasks will relate to three primary responsibilities:

  • Implementation: It will be your duty to source the necessary hardware and software required to deliver exemplary service to SDL365 customers. A budget is available to empower you to obtain new products or upgrades. It’s your responsibility to manage this budget throughout the financial year.
  • Monitoring: The day-to-day functioning of the network must be managed. Maintenance is essential to prevent problems and limit downtime. Action plans for emergencies must be kept in place.
  • Security: The infrastructure must keep data safe at all times.

Required Background—Skills & Competencies

Because you’ll be working with the system as well as many team members, at SDL365 your role as system administrator requires both technical and managerial skills.

SDL365 relies heavily on the effective functioning of the computer network. Downtime must be kept to an absolute minimum, and therefore a knack for fast problem solving is essential. You must be able to work under pressure.

The following skills will be valuable as part of your job application:

  • Experience in managing people or proof of effective people skills
  • Knowledge about computer logic
  • At least five years’ experience working on systems
  • A background in the financial sector would be beneficial
  • Experience in computer coding

Senior Paralegal

SDL365 is a leading entity in the loan connection service industry with a reputation for efficiency and speed. Our customers can obtain loans from reputable vendors within short periods thanks to the vetted and trustworthy vendors we network with. One of our primary values is looking after our customers’ security and interests. For this to happen, all our actions are legally sound, and we make sure we comply with relevant legislation relating to the loan connection industry.

To keep up this legacy, we require the assistance of a senior paralegal on our team. This individual will work with our attorneys and paralegals. As a team, they ensure the company’s activities align with all relevant legal requirements and that our customers’ interests are protected.

This role requires teamwork between you, your direct colleagues, as well as other entities in SDL365. This includes compliance teams, the financial department, and those in charge of business development. In all departments, we MUST adhere to the required regulations.

Responsibilities & Duties

As a senior paralegal, you will manage a team of paralegals for whom you will be responsible. You must mentor these individuals while performing your other duties.

The legal team plays an important role in any new transactions with new and old vendors SDL365 networks with.

Senior paralegals take part in the following tasks:

  • Providing support to senior members of the legal team
  • Involvement with document preparation and filing thereof
  • Assist with record-keeping
  • Liaise with vendors or clients whenever necessary
  • Act as an advisor to other company departments on legal matters
  • Refer queries to attorneys whenever a task falls outside your scope of qualification

Required Background—Skills & Competencies

Because the legal aspects around loans are so intricate, you must be prepared to work under immense pressure, and you need to be detail-oriented. In an ever-changing business environment, you must be comfortable to work in a fast-paced atmosphere while delivering accurate work.

To effectively fulfill this role at SDL365 you’ll need the following:

  • At least four years’ experience as a paralegal; preference will be given to those who already fulfilled the function of the senior paralegal
  • Certification of a paralegal is required
  • General computer literacy is a must
  • Experience in the industry will be a plus
  • Knowledge of the industry’s regulatory guidelines must be shown

Expert Writer

SDL365 has been active in the loan industry since 2017, quickly moving through the ranks to become one of the most trusted loans connecting service platforms in the modern market. We offer a comprehensive set of services for borrowers, and we always promote responsible lending for the long term benefit of our clients.

Achieving such a degree of performance is the direct result of thorough research of all the aspects that are of top priority to our clients. Personal finance, how to handle money, what to do if you have bad credit? Our expert authors should know it all!

Responsibilities & Duties

Our expert writers are expected to write high-quality posts on various topics related to personal finance.

  • Writing posts/ blogs on Personal Finance, Money, Lending, Debt topics;
  • Delivering 1-3 blog posts per week. Approximate volume of a blog post – 1000-1300 words.
  • Researching and organizing facts and sources.

Content Writer Requirements and Qualifications
  • Expertise in personal finance, online lending industry, money management, debt etc.;
  • Reputable credentials (trainings, education, certifications).;
  • Excellent writing, spelling, and understanding of grammar are essential to the position;
  • Creative and innovative thinker and planner;
  • Ability to work independently or as an active member of a team;
  • Self-motivated and self-directed.

Be ready to submit additionally:

  • Copies or links of the posts/ blogs/ articles you have published before.
  • Your rates proposal (as a price per word).
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