Consent for Electronic Signatures, Records, Disclosures, Communication

The Informed Consent for Electronic Signatures, Records, Disclosures, and Communication (“E-Consent”) framework refers to the software programs and multimedia instruments that provide SDL365 Financial Choice LLC, Inc (hereinafter “Company”, “us”, “we”, or “our”) a digital means of obtaining an informed consent from the clients.

Last Updated: July 2019

The Scope of the E-Consent” To empower our clients to make informed decisions while applying for loans online.

General Framework of the SDL365 E-Consent

This E-Consent relates to the personal details and other information used on the Website (from now on the “Website” or “Site”).

It is essential that you read completely and understand the information thoroughly herein before submitting any information to anyone via this Website or prior to entering into a business relationship that operates electronically.

Given that you may enter into valid contracts with third parties via this Website, the Company and its affiliates or agents may provide you with specific notices and disclosures, which are required by law to be “in writing.”

The federal E-Sign Act and specific state laws allow companies to provide you with these written notifications, disclosures or contracts electronically based on your consent. These laws also allow the use of electronic signatures, in place of a traditional manually written signature.

The Benefits of E-Consent for SDL365 Clients

Since the introduction of the E-Consent in the standard practices for loan applications, the users benefit from it in the following ways:

  • It’s more convenient, as the clients can initiate the consent at home and from any device.
  • It allows more consideration, since the users can stop at any point and start where they left off.
  • It doesn’t put pressure on consumers, and everyone can drop off at any point if they are not entirely sure they want to continue.
  • Clients can take more informed decisions.
  • They’re digital and replace a great amount of paper consent documents

General Provisions

By applying for online loans through our Website, you agree that your electronic signature can be treated as the legal equivalent of your manual signature. You agree that, upon providing said electronic signature, you will be legally bound by the terms and conditions specified on our Website.

By submitting your data through our online platform and giving your consent on the terms and conditions in force, you agree that you have read this notice and understand:

  • How you may conduct transactions,
  • How to communicate electronically
  • How to make use of the service provided by our Website while requesting to be matched with a lender
  • How to further cooperate with loan providers online.

The Standard Process

Once you are linked to a lender, you will need to give your consent to use e-signatures, to accept electronic recording, disclosures, and e-communication in order to be provided with the services and products you have expressed your interest in.

We hereby continue to reserve the right to provide you with notices, disclosures, or contracts in paper form, even if you have consented to receive Electronic Records.

Hard Copies

A hard copy of the disclosures and other legal notices form your records or the records of another entity can be printed at no additional charge upon your request. This request for hard copy should be sent directly to the chosen lender, but according to the terms and provisions of the applicable law, all parties may entities keep hard copy legal documents.

The Scope of Consent

All communication (such as: online interactions via mobile phone, smartphones, tablets, etc) is considered electronic interaction.

E-consent is applied when e-communication, takes place between you and a third-party lender.

By granting of your e-consent, you confirm that:

  • Your information may be collected and processed electronically,
  • All transactions may be performed electronically,
  • All documents may be signed and stored electronically,
  • You allow your lender to send you electronic notifications at their discretion (such as reports, disclosures, links to other third-party websites, links to the other lender’s websites and online services.
Keep in Mind! By granting your e-consent, you confirm that the e-communication mentioned above is considered of the same legal value as the communication by means of hard copy documentation.

The Basic Software and Hardware Requirements for E-Consent

Conducting business electronically implies that all involved parties are technologically capable of going through the process with sufficient hardware and software capacity.

Before providing your e-consent, you should check if your technology meets the minimum requirements for the transactions and operations, you will perform electronically.

You will need to comply at least with the following requirements:

  • A PC or MAC compatible computer or other devices capable of accessing the Internet, e-mail account,
  • An internet browser capable of supporting at least 128-bit encryption, including Internet Explorer® or Edge®, Mozilla Firefox®, Safari®, and a .pdf file reader like Adobe® Acrobat Reader X ® or Foxit® etc.
  • Most common word processing programs like Microsoft Office Word®, Apple Pages®, and Google Docs® can also read and edit .pdf files.

Take into consideration that different transactions may require additional software; you should contact your lender to know which specific apps or programs you may need.

Right to Withdraw Your Consent

If you consent to receive Electronic Records, you always have the right under the law to withdraw that consent at any time and no cost to you.

You must inform us of your decision by contacting Keep in mind that if you refuse to electronically sign the documents or choose to receive records only in paper format, it may slow down the speed at which you receive documents or information about your account or services.

However, since your e-consent related to the services provided by our Company and the processing of your information by our lenders is a one-time transaction, you cannot withdraw consent from each lender from our Website.

Withdrawing your consent from lenders must be done by sending a request to each lender individually. However, removing your e-consent can prevent the lender from providing you with a loan offer or credit product.

You should also be aware that the legal effectiveness, validity, and enforceability of prior electronic Disclosures will not be affected if you request a withdrawal of your e-consent. Contact each lender directly to get more information about these procedures.

The Importance of Keeping Your Contact Information Up to Date

If you elect to receive Electronic Notices, it is required that we always have your current, valid email address and that it is always kept up to date.

We will send all notices, disclosures and other information to the email address you provide us at the time of your e-signature, but we reserve the right to send electronic records to whichever email address that we have on file for you.

If you change your information (electronic address or mailing address) you should also notify your lender as soon as possible to have your information updated. It is your responsibility to keep your contact information up-to-date, as well as to check for updates to this agreement.

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