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Our mission at SDL365 Financial Choice is to help every single person who is looking for a loan to find the best option, be it with or without good credit. Building trustful relationships with our clients is one of the key elements of our business. The best way to consolidate this relation is by providing to our clients and readers as much useful information as possible.

While it is your responsibility to get a better understanding of day-to-day finances, we can grant you the support you need by having the expertise to gather and describe the most relevant subjects in a comprehensible and customer-friendly way.

The best instrument to reach this aim is by means of the resources published in our Knowledge Center, and by making these thoroughly elaborated guides available to you.

We strive to educate our clients in the spirit of responsible borrowing, and also raise their awareness towards the principles of responsible lending.

Our team of experts is engaged to offer all the informational support aiming at improving the financial literacy of our customers linked to:

We strongly recommend and encourage you to read these guides carefully. These articles will allow you to gain visibility about how lending works, and which are the particularities of the main lending processes.

Guide on How to Check if the Loan Company is Legitimate

Never underestimate the possibility to become a victim of illegitimate lenders. Checking some basic aspects before engaging in a borrowing relationship with your lender will protect you and your personal finance. Read this guide to see what are the steps you can do that will allow you to determine the legitimacy of a loan company.

Guide on Hard and Soft Credit Checks: What is the Difference and Impact on Credit Score

Credit Check is a standard part of the loan approval process because it helps the lenders manage their financial risks. Read our expert guide to see what is the difference between hard and soft credit check. Knowing how the credit checks are conducted by the lenders impact your credit score is important for your financial health.

Guide On How To Handle Debt Collection

Dealing with a debt collector is not a pleasant thing to do, but still this experience can be smooth if you take into account there expert suggestions from our guide. The important thing to remember is that you also have rights when starting the negotiations with in relation to collected debt. Find out more!

Guide On How Choose The Best Personal Loan

Personal Loans come in different forms and have different parameters depending on the lender. Learn how to choose a personal loan that will best fit your financial needs, and what it takes to be approved for one. Our expert cheatsheet will facilitate your understanding of personal loans.

Guide on How Do Credit Scores Work

Credit scores are the main factor that can influence your attractivity as a borrower. This is why it is very important that you understand how credit scores work, what are its main components, and how you can raise it to increase your chances of being approved for a loan.

Guide on Setting Loans Repayment Priorities: Which Loan to Pay Off First

It can be really challenging to set at least some kind of debt repayment priorities. We researched the topic in detail and came up with some suggestions on which loan should you pay off first. Let’s start crushing your debt together!

DYI Guide on How to Get Out of Debt in Six Proven Ways

We believe that with the right advice and research, our indebted readers will be able to set up a DIY debt crushing strategy and get rid of debts by their own. Here are the six proven ways to try right now.

How to Get a Loan if You Are on Benefits

Getting a loan while on benefits might be necessary sometimes. Emergencies and unexpected financial needs don’t keep track of your social situation. See what are your options of borrowing funds while unemployed.

How to Remove Yourself as a Co-Signer of a Loan

If you have previously co-signed a loan, but no longer want to be held responsible for it’s repayment, the following 6 ways will help you remove yourself as a cosigner.

Understanding Repayment Schedule: How Does Amortization Work

Debt repayment is the most important part of the lending process. As a borrower, you need to be aware of how an amortization schedule looks like even before applying for a loan.

How Does Debt Consolidation Work: Do’s and Don’ts

Repaying multiple debts at the same time is challenging. Refinacing several loans can seem the best options for many indebted persons, but there are some debt consolidation do’s and don’ts that one should be aware of.

Guaranteed Loans: How To Override The Credit Check

Accepting a credit check override should only take place when you are absolutely sure that you will be able to handle all the involved consequences. Read more about this practice to be able to meet the right decision.

Payday Loans Consolidation: When Rollovers Don’t Help

The post is intended for those struggling with payday loans rollovers, and aims at presenting the existing options for getting rid of debbts in an efficient manner.

Financial Planning Basics: A 5 Step Guide {To Pin on Your Fridge}

Financial planning helps you manage income, prioritize your spendings, and build a realistic, and balanced plan to meet your financial goals and future needs.

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