Marketing Practices

SDL365 Financial Choice LLC, Inc.

Last Updated: June 2019

SDL365 Financial Choice LLC, Inc (hereinafter “Company”, “us”, “we”, or “our”) has elaborates the framework for implementing our marketing practices online (hereinafter “Marketing Practices”) to create a better user experience for our clients and set transparent rules of competing in the niche. This framework relates the techniques, channels, and instruments that help us imlement our marketing strategy in a competitive and transparent manner.

The scope We are commited to serving our clients in a transparent and competitive way .

We Are Client-Oriented

Our client needs and satisfaction is one of our major priorities, and all actions that are taken by us focus on creating added-value for the consumers.

The features of our services and configuration of our strategy are designed based on the engagement to respond quickly to clients needs to obtain the funding they are in search of in the fastest and most secure way.

Our Products are Customer-Tailored

While fleshing out the idea to contribute in a proactive way to clients search for fast and reliable funding, we ensure that each service and product that is provided by us undergoes thorough market research and is tailored to the demand.

In this way, we strive to specifically satisfy our customers in terms of timing, quality, and convenience of the services that they get.

Our Services Are Free of Charge

The most amazing aspect of our services is that clients are not required to pay any fees for using our services. Applying for loans through our Website is completely free of charge, thus giving our clients the flexibility to choose a product or service they need without worrying.

We’re Loyal to Our Clients

Based on our belief that an informed client is a satisfied client, we do our best to create as much useful information as possible so that our clients can be sure of the products they’re getting.

Having top-class authors and experts on our team contributes to the quality of information that we’re delivering to our clients.

How Do We Reach Our Clients

By taking advantage of the agility and flexibility that the Internet Era and innovative technology allow us, we’re trying to be omnipresent on the market. We stay in close contact with our clients through a strong customer-care process that expands beyond our Website, our social media profiles, or the emails.

Legal Provisions

When you are submitting your information during the website registration process, you must read, accept, and understand these Marketing Practices, the Terms and Conditions, and the company’s Privacy Policy.

Before engaging in any activity on our website you must agree with the provisions of these documents. In this way, you acknowledge that your registration can be treated as a request to get connected with one of the lenders who are part of our network.

You also provide consent to receive marketing materials from SDL365 Financial Choice LLC, the lenders, and financial service providers, as well as third-party marketers that we partner with.

By agreeing to these Marketing Practices, you confirm that you understand that all parties, including those mentioned above, may attempt to provide you with information about services and products that are related to the products you are interested in.

You give your consent to allowing them to communicate with you for marketing purposes and to provide assistance using a variety of media, including but not limited to direct mail, email, or phone, regardless of the Do-Not-Contact lists you may be on. They will be limited to communication with only the contact data voluntarily provided by you, however.

Giving Our Clients the Right to Choose

Despite our openness to serve our clients, we understand that sometimes they’d want to opt-out from receiving marketing products or being contacted in any way.

We respect their right to do this by requesting removal from any of our marketing lists through the opt-out feature on our Website.

However, unsubscribing from the lists of third parties must be processed by each of these third parties directly. SDL365 Financial Choice LLC takes no responsibility for the marketing practices of other parties, and we are not responsible for ending your interaction with other sources that are not under our control. If you have questions or would like more information regarding our Marketing Practices, you can contact us via

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