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The APR on short term online loans varies from 40% to 2,290% depending on lender and how the interest rate is calculated, the duration and amount of loan, late and non-payment fees, and other possible fees and factors.

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What are payday loans online?

Payday loans are small loans, offered online for a short period, usually until the borrower’s upcoming pay day. They are also called short-term loans. Although the borrowed amount might be small, the overall sum that the borrower needs to repay might be large because of high APR.
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Online payday loans essential features:

  • Quick and easy to access. Payday loans are created to tide up urgent borrowers’ needs. This is a useful online tool for handling cash flow on a short term. It is an advance on the upcoming regular check.
  • Amount up to $1,000. The loan amount varies between $50 and $1,000, based on borrower’s residence, credit score, and income.
  • Costly. Payday loans are an expensive way to borrow, preferred by people with bad credit or no credit.
  • Direct debit to borrower’s account. Lenders ask the borrower to write a post-dated check for the borrowed amount or make direct debit. It entitles them to take what the borrower owes plus fees, directly from the bank account.
  • Repaid once in full. On the due day, the lender withdraws loan principal plus interest fees.
  • Renewable. You may roll over or extend a payday loan if it is legal in your state, but you risk getting trapped in an endless cycle of debt.

Dangers and Advantages of online payday loans

Find out the benefits and risks of online payday loans. When you are fully informed, proceed to our application.

Advantages of Payday Loans:

  • No more hassle with going to a bank or in store lender. Fill out our online application, and we will do the rest of the work.
  • We take no fees for connecting you with lenders, so the application is free.
  • The application process is quick. Typically, our applicants spend 3-5 minutes to fill out the details.
  • Lenders send instant loan decision within minutes.
  • You don’t need perfect credit to get payday advance. Bad credit or no credit is not a problem anymore.
  • Most lenders may do a soft pull of credit score that does not affect your rating.
  • You repay the loan when the money from salary or other income enters your account. Therefore, you won’t be late with payments.

Dangers of Payday Loans:

  • You might exceed account’s overdraft limit, if you don’t have enough money when the loan is withdrawn.
  • Opting for a payday loan rollover, you might pay fees that are bigger than the initial amount.
  • The lender might stress you, discussing the debt with your family or employer. He might refuse to deal with the debt service that acts on your behalf, though such actions are illegal.
  • The APRs might exceed loan principal considerably. Make sure you read all conditions before accepting the offer. Don’t ignore the impact of a wrong payday loan on credit rating. Beware of payday loan scams.
  • You may get trapped in a cycle of debts. Once you repay one loan and take another to survive until the next payday, your budget planning is faulty. Look into other ways of handling your expenses.

Common payday loans questions:

How much can I get?
The loan amount varies from state to state. While most states limit the maximum cash advance to $500 or $1,000, there are few that are more permissive.
What will the APR be?
The interest rate is regulated by the states. Overall, it varies from 200% to over 600%. The lender calculates the APR considering your income, loan amount and credit rating.
Who can qualify for a payday loan?
Anybody over 18 years old with a valid bank account and a stable income qualifies for a loan.
How long does it take to approve an online loan?
You get the reply from lenders almost instantly, within most few hours.
Do I need a bank account to get a payday loan?
When are the funds available?
You can see money in account as soon as in 24 hours after approval.

Can the payday loan due date be postponed?
Despite we recommend you not to ask for that, some lenders accept to delay the payday for 45 days, for extra fees.
Can you guarantee that I will get a good loan offer?
Although we do our best to make sure you get the best possible loan offer, the final terms depend on applicant’s income and relevant data from credit rating.
Can I apply for a payday loan in any USA state?
Unless you live in a state that prohibits by law payday loans, you are free to apply. Such states are: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Georgia, Vermont, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.
How and when can i repay my loan?
Once you obtained an online payday loan, the payment will be taken from your bank account on payday.
What do I need to be able to apply online?
You need to prove a steady source of monthly income, a recent bank statement and your checking account. Plus, write down a valid email address and phone number for contact.
How much does it cost to apply?
It’s completely free. We don’t charge money for our service.

Things to know when applying with Same Day Loans

Finding the right partner for a proper payday loan offer is core to successful borrowing. Below are key facts of applying through our service:

  • is an online loan matching service working towards connecting you with a suitable lender for your particular case. You receive reasonable payday loan offers at no cost.
  • The application process is online. No need to leave your job or home for several hours, as you would do if applying in store.
  • Our web site is secure, so all information you provide is kept confidential, within the legal provisions.
  • Although has no power over APR and lenders’ debt collection practices, we prudently choose our partners to make sure that their activity is legal and doesn’t involve abusive behavior.

Once you decide to get a payday loan online, be aware that it is good tool, assuming you approach it responsibly. So, you shouldn’t get in an awkward situation when it comes to repaying it. The payday loan should not affect your credit score negatively, and you must be sure that a few weeks later you will afford to repay it.

Consider that all loans come with fees, so you find yourself paying more than you borrowed initially. Will you be able to do that and not get indebted once again? If the answer is yes, then apply confidently for an online payday loan.

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Responsible Borrowing & Legal Implications to Consider

We remind you that promotes a policy of Responsible Borrowing and Responsible Use of Loans. Note that loans are an expensive financial solution, and approval is not guaranteed. Everyone who gets a loan should read over the terms and conditions before signing and submitting the contract. This contract will include the specific date when you must pay the loan back. If you don’t pay back your loan on time, the lender has every right to charge you late fees until you have covered the full amount of debt. Failing to repay the loan in full, may result in legal actions.

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